Learn About Realtime Visitor Analytics

See who’s on your website in real-time & start a conversation.

Pure Chat Dashboard

Connect with your most qualified leads.

Learn about your website visitors. Details include name, country, time on site, current page, number of visits and source. Customize your view by adding or removing columns.

Visualize the number of visitors on your website throughout the day; then compare that information to your traffic on the same day last week. That way you’ll know when your team should be available to chat.

Click on a visitor to pro-actively send them a message. Once you have details about a visitor or lead, you can edit their contact details and save their information so you recognize them the next time they visit.

When you click on a website visitor, their history will show how they interacted with you previously, what was said, and how many times they have visited your site. Create stronger relationships by understanding the activity history of the most qualified prospects.


Do I need to install something on my website in order to use Visitors?

Nope, just use the normal Pure Chat code snippet or plugin we provide you!

Who should I start a chat with?

That’s entirely up to you! If you see someone has returned to your site multiple times, they are a good place to start. Also, those who are on your site for a long time may be confused and looking for some help.

How are you collecting this information?

We use website cookies to help us provide their information for you. You’ll only see a name, email and/or phone number if the visitor has given you those details previously. If the visitor never gives you their contact details, they will remain anonymous.

Why would I use your traffic report over Google Analytics?

Google Analytics does not allow for real time interaction with your customer. You can see them and what pages they’ve been on but with Pure Chat you can actually reach out and talk to the customer!

Do proactive chats count towards my chat limit on the free plan?

Yes, but only if the visitor responds. If they do not respond to the initial request, your chat total will not increase.

Your report says I have 30 active visitors on my website, but I’m only seeing 25 visitors. Why is that?

We only show you up to 25 active website visitors at a time. You can change the list of active visitors by sorting by different qualities (i.e. time on site or number of visits).

How long do you keep website visit data?

All page views, website visits and sources will be kept for all visitors for 30 days. All chat transcripts and emails will be kept for 30+ days depending on your account level.

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