Customer Case Studies

We spoke to some of our customers to see what they love about Pure Chat.

Vinnie Quote

Sal Quote, Full Unedited Case Study Explicit

Edited Sal, Full Unedited Case Study Explicit

Edited Chi Chi
Chi Chi Quote

Tony Quote

EZ Sleep Mattress Co., Full Unedited Case Study Explicit

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Ok, so why the heck did we do this?

The short answer - why not?! Let’s face it, customer case studies and testimonials are pretty dry, and in some cases, can be downright brutal to watch. Sure, they can provide some value and persuade potential customers to take action, but they’re largely uninspiring.

That’s why our team decided to take a different approach and create something that better aligns with our culture. We’re a diverse, motivated and ambitious team that (clearly) doesn’t shy away from having fun. You saw the videos - we’re comfortable with just about anything absurd, disruptive and frankly, ridiculous. As an organization, we take risks and push the boundaries of what we can accomplish for our customers. It’s the exact thing that’s led to several product innovations and updates over the past few years and we’re not stopping anytime soon.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed watching these outrageous videos and learning a little bit more about Pure Chat. If you’re interested in our product, follow the link below, chat us directly (we’ll do Vinnie/Sal/Chi Chi impersonations upon request) or to try our live chat engagement tool for free!