Hi guys. We messed up. Some of you noticed an issue earlier today where we experienced about a two hour period of downtime with the chat system. I (Robert, your customer success guy) wanted to write a detailed post about what we’ve been doing recently that has led to these issues and give you a better sense of why the errors occurred and what we’re doing to make sure they don’t happen again. In the end, I hope you can understand why it happened and that you have more confidence in Pure Chat than ever before.

Pure Chat is getting a massive system upgrade.

In order to continue improving Pure Chat and making it the best damn live chat tool out there, we had to take a brief step back from adding features and instead create an entirely new system from the ground up. One that is built on the latest and greatest technologies available and new tools that would allow us to take Pure Chat to places it wasn’t capable of going to as things stood just a few months ago. This is a huge upgrade. MASSIVE. It’s going to make Pure Chat more powerful, much faster and far more capable of doing more than it ever could before.

So, why the issues then, Pure Chat?!

Well, it certainly wasn’t our plan to have the dashboard issues you have seen today (white screens, chat communication issues), but if you have experienced those, do know, you are now on our new system moving forward. For those who didn’t notice anything or maybe experienced something in the last few weeks, you were likely the ones being transitioned at those times. The transition to the new system for you wasn’t seamless. For that, we at Pure Chat are very sorry for your experience and for any inconvenience this may have brought you, your team and your visitors. We messed up and it kills us. Seriously, we hate that this happened. You deserve the best and we very much plan on giving that to you.

What’s all of this mean? Are the problems resolved?

These are questions that I want to make sure we address today.
I hope it helps ease your minds to know our transition process is nearly complete. In fact, it will be 100% done by the end of this week! Better days are ahead. We have identified the hiccups that occurred as we transitioned your accounts and have the fixes in place to ensure these problems won’t come back to haunt you. So, those login issues and not being able to see the dashboard should be a thing of the past. With the transition nearly complete, we’re so excited to get started on all the new features we have planned for you.

We expect 2020 to be our biggest growth year yet for the Pure Chat product and want to add as much to the Pure Chat experience as we can. You guys have been so awesome over the years and we want to reward your loyalty and commitment by doing everything we can to make the product even better and provide more value than ever before.

We hope you can forgive us for today’s experience and accept our apology that we plan to present to you in the form of a better overall Pure Chat.

It seems fitting we approach a new year and a new decade with a brand new infrastructure and chat system. That feeling you get when a new year begins is exactly what we feel now for the future of Pure Chat. We can’t wait to experience this bigger, better, more insanely kick-ass version of Pure Chat with you.