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Category: Small Business

Key SaaS Metrics that every software company needs to know

When it comes to building a Software as a Service business, there are some key metrics that every software company needs to know. Key metrics include conversion rates, Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Average Revenue Per Customer or User (ARPC or ARPU), Churn or Attrition, Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). I recently gave a talk at Phoenix Startup Week where I show exactly how to calculate these metrics for your company. If you are interested, check out the...

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Pure Chat Wants YOU! (we’re hiring)

Catered lunches and free in-office workout sessions are not just the perks of Silicon Valley companies. Yes, even our small little Pure Chat has awesome benefits that rival the best of what Silicon Valley has to offer. Except you get to live in the beautiful, sunny, Scottsdale Arizona, where you can own a home that’s larger than the size of a matchbox. But besides the perks, it’s really the challenge that should excite you. We have some awesome plans for Pure Chat and we are looking for some great people to join this tight knit team. So take a look at our careers page and see if we are a good match for your skills. Pure Chat Careers Page If you’re outside of Arizona, no worries, we offer a relocation bonus to let you escape to...

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And We’re Back…from San Francisco!

We are finally back in Arizona from our wonderful week in San Francisco! Although we were busy with our meet and greets at co-working spaces, sponsored lunches, and happy hours we were able to squeeze in a little time to have some fun such as visiting the Golden Gate bridge that we made the most of despite the bad weather. Not to mention we were able to enjoy all the delicious food San Francisco has to offer. It was awesome to not only spread the word about our product but also discover other new amazing start ups along the...

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Pure Chat Team Goes to San Francisco

This week, the entire Pure Chat team is going to be working out of San Francisco as part of our launch events around Personal Chat Pages. We’ll be sponsoring lunches and happy hours at a number of co-working places including: Monday Lunch: Sandbox Suites Union Square @ 11:30am Happy hour: Techspace @ 4pm Tuesday Lunch: NextSpace Potrero Hill @ 12pm Demo at SV New Tech Wednesday Lunch: Runway @ 11:30am Pure Chat Launch Party / Happy Hour (see below for details) Thursday Lunch: NextSpace Union Square @ 12:30pm Happy hour: NextSpace San Francisco @ 4pm Plus, on Wednesday evening, we...

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Pure Chat Wins the Arizona Innovation Challenge!

This week has been an amazing week for us. On Monday, we found out that Pure Chat was a winner of the Arizona Innovation Challenge. This amazing grant, administered by the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) is given to Arizona companies that show truly innovative solutions in the marketplace. The ACA was excited about what Pure Chat is doing with Personal Chat Pages. While Live Chat on websites has been around for a while, Pure Chat is the first company to provide a complete Live Customer Engagement solution for a company’s website and their sales team. Personal Chat Pages allow prospects to...

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