Frequently asked questions

Get to know more about Pure Chat's live chat

Install Pure Chat on your website How do I get Pure Chat on my website?

This guide will show you how to add Pure Chat to your site by pasting in a custom javascript snippet or using our free WordPress, Weebly and Shopify plugins.

Need help finding your Pure Chat chatbox? I've added Pure Chat to my site, but don't see the chat box. Why is that?

You may not see it because you’re looking at a version of your site that's not updated. Refresh the page to see if that fixes the issue. If it doesn’t, shoot us an email.

What is a Pure Chat chat box What is a chat box?

A chat box is the popup that appears in the corner of your website and allows you to connect with your website visitors instantly.

User any language with Pure Chat Does Pure Chat support other languages?

Yes and no. All of the text on the chat box can be translated into another language for your website visitors, but the Pure Chat operator dashboard is only available in English.

Pure Chat conversations What does "100% Free Live Chat" mean?

It means you get unlimited free chats with your websites visitors. It's seriously free.

Use Pure Chat on your ecommerce site Can add Pure Chat to my Etsy shop or other ecommerce site?

Hosted chat pages allow you to link to an independent chat page on sites that don't let you embed a chat box. Learn more about setting up a hosted chat page here.

Available for chat Do I need to stay logged in to be available for chats?

Yes, you need to have the web dashboard open (and set to available!) or be logged in on the mobile app. If no one is logged in, your chat box will be shown as an email form.

Promote Pure Chat I love Pure Chat! How can I help promote it?

Let us know what you think of Pure Chat on social. We love getting your feedback on Facebook and Twitter!

Pure Chat mobile apps Does Pure Chat work on mobile?

When a visitor accesses your site from a phone or tablet, they will see a mobile-optimized version of your chat box. Pure Chat also offers apps for iOS and Android so your team can respond to customers from anywhere.